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Meet Your Producers

Carman Ranch

We’re all about local partnerships that support a more sustainable future—and bring delicious food to your table. That’s why we’re excited to spotlight woman- and family-owned Carman Ranch as our first Regenified™ verified local producer.

Carman Ranch humanely raised cattle grazing Oregon pasture

Based in Wallowa, OR, Carman Ranch is a network of nine small family ranches in the Pacific Northwest that are leading the way in regenerative agriculture—an innovative farming method that rebuilds soil health, increases carbon capture, improves water efficiency, and promotes biodiversity. And being Regenified™ verified means that our friends at Carman Ranch follow the rigorous standards of ensuring their farming practices always meet the needs of our changing planet.

Working Together
We’ve partnered with Carman Ranch since 2017 to bring New Seasons shoppers ultra flavorful grass-fed beef steaks, chuck roast, stew meat, and pepperoni sticks. So, when they decided to go for Regenified™ verification, we were thrilled to be a part of their journey and backed their efforts with a grant that helped them reach their goals  

What does this all mean on the farm level?
Carman Ranch provides healthy pastures for their grass-fed and finished cattle to graze. Their herds spend their entire lives foraging—never visiting a feedlot. And by rotating their cattle through pastures, they allow the topsoil to recover the minerals and nutrients that healthy grass needs to grow—and healthy cattle need to graze.

Hands inspecting topsoil on Oregon farm for quality, health, and nutrients.

Our Path to Zero Emissions
As sustainability leaders, we’re committed to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and aim to reach net zero operational emissions by 2030. For our supply chain, we’re focused on reducing the emissions resulting from items on our shelves in partnerships with innovative producers like Carman Ranch. Carman Ranch’s Regenified™ verification presents a mark of good stewardship of the land and the planet—and we applaud their commitment  

Regenerative agriculture is key to cutting down on carbon emissions. Here’s how it works:    

Minimizes Soil Disturbance
No- and low-till farming practices help protect root systems, improve water retention, and allow soil to capture carbon    

Incorporates Cover Crops
The use of cover crops boosts water retention and soil fertility and protects crops from pests    

Lessens the Use of Pesticides, Herbicides, and Chemical Fertilizers
Avoiding harmful inputs strengthens photosynthesis, improves soil health, and works to rebuild organic matter.     

Integrates Greener Livestock and Crop Management
Rotational grazing, manure application, and regular crop rotation help to rebuild soil health and fertility  

Promotes Biodiversity
Regenerative agriculture creates resilient crops and supports and conserves diverse habitats and ecosystems.

Metal Carman Ranch sign hangs on a rustic wooden frame at farm entrance.

And while earning certification was no easy feat for Carman Ranch—involving careful auditing of each farmer and rancher and their practices—it’s well worth it in the long run. Because the answer to great-tasting food is right beneath our feet: healthy, nutrient-rich soil.

We’re committed to supporting Carman Ranch and other producers working hard for the future of farming, sustainable food systems, and the planet, because we believe the better it’s raised, the better it tastes.